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Glass for beginners: Part 3 (Where to even start looking for classes)

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

An online search for glass courses will bring up many options (in-person and online courses).

Adult education centres: local facilities and teaching can often be accessed at very reasonable prices. The courses are often termly (once a week) for a half day or full day at a time, and some one-day weekend courses. Different skill levels of courses are available. These typically book up quickly.

There are a variety of pre-recorded online courses on Udemy, Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning where classes on various topics might be just an hour but easy to fit into a lunchtime or a train journey, and still very reasonable cost. However, the quality of teaching may be variable so worth reading reviews carefully.

Specific craft websites are also a good option with a huge range of in-person and online courses (and where you can see reviews from previous attendees/users) e.g.

Teachers running online and in-person UK based courses; two excellent teachers are:

· Catherine Dunstan Catherine has various short online courses which give excellent practical advice and tips, such as a 1.5 hour course on glass cutting, or a 3 hour Introduction to Glass Fusing course and various one day online courses that cover a large range of topics. Catherine also offers mentoring to artists as well as in-person courses & workshops.

· Claire Hall Claire offers online 1:1 mentoring; online masterclass courses & studio courses.

Glass companies which offer fantastic courses: a few UK options are:

· Warm Glass – have a learning section on their website with a range of options including their glass school with online teaching that can be live masterclasses or learn at your own pace courses

· The Glass hub – with a huge range of in-person glass courses

· Bullseye Glass – a US company with a huge range of information and teaching available online too

Bullseye glass teaching can also be accessed via the UK glass website :

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