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Crafty Alpacas ... why? 

Welcome to information about my smaller pieces of work and gift items which I make under my Crafty Alpacas persona!

Our love of (and some might say obsession) with alpacas started years ago with a "something to do" walk with alpacas while on holiday. We quickly became smitten with them ...  no holiday is complete without them and we've even had two at our house (sadly, just for the day)

Alpacas are sociable, friendly animals. They are from the Camelid family. They are smaller than Llamas (who have 'banana' ears in case you want to differentiate!). 

Alpaca designs feature across my hand-made glass and ceramic gift work but not exclusively! 

Alpacas ... oh and maybe the obsession has extended to Herdy sheep too! 


Examples of work

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